Thursday, 2 November 2017

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How To Get Fake Likes On Facebook

Facebook is the online social networking website with 200 million users worldwide. Now days, everyone has a Facebook account. Are you trying to get fake likes on Facebook profile pictures, statusposts.So, today i am going to write article on how to get fake likes on Facebook.

There are many websites which provides you free and paid service for likes on your Facebook account. Some of them are working fine and some are not. So, today i will tell you some websites which are working fine.

Trick To Get Fake Likes On Facebook

  • Official Liker (
Official liker is the website which provides you a free Facebook likes on your posts, pictures. The official liker website is developed by Amman Shaikh. You can use to increase the number of likes on your Facebook account. Most of the Facebook users use this technique to impress your friends. Ok,now we will move on and see how this website actually works.
1. Enter the website address in your browser After that, website will be open and you can see the window like thishow to get fake likes on facebook
2.There are two methods for login to official liker. First, click on method 1 to get the access token and allow permissions to the app.get fake likes on facebook profile

3.You can see in the above screenshot. There are two steps to get the access token. After completing this steps you will get an access token to login into official liker. After that enter the access token and enter. Now,you are successfully logged in official liker website. Then you can see there your pictures,posts,status.You can get 400 likes per submit.Cheers, you have successfully got free likes. Check out the amazing article on know who visited my facebook profile recently .

Trick To Get Fake Likes On Facebook With Facebook Autoliker is another website which provides you free likes. Facebook auto liker site works similar like official liker. There are lots of website founds on the internet which provides lots of services to their users. The working of all the websites is similar. First, you have to allow permissions to the app and then you will get an access token. Submit this access token after that you will automatically log into the website. Then you can see there your profile photo’s,pictures and posts. Now you have to select your pics to get fake likes on Facebook.
This is the websites which I used to get auto likes on Facebook pages,pictures. Don’t go for paid Facebook likes because many websites which will provide services for free. So, today we learn how to get fake likes on Facebook.


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