Tuesday, 31 October 2017

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Best Apps For Android Tv Box (Kodi And Much More)

Best Apps For Android Tv Box : We all know that everyone loves to watch movies, music and songs may be online or tv. Today I am going to tell you which are the best app for android tv box.  Android tv box can give you amazing smart tv experience. I will tell you few apps which are best for smart tv. Kodi is one of the best app to give you smart tv experience. You will be able to download kodi app from google play store. Kodi app supports of android operating system. So, it is one of the top app for android tv box.

Here is the list of apps –
Kodi(XBMC) – Media Center
Kodi is must have apps for android tv box, which comes pre installed in android tv box.  Kodi is free and open source application which are available at google play store free of cost. Kodi app is specially designed for android tv boxes. Kodi allows you to stream videos, movies, music, radios and much more n internet. You can also upload channel list and stream your favourite channels.
Here is the kodi official website.
Chrome Browser  –
Chrome is the android application which comes pre installed in android tv boxes. With the help of chrome, you will be able to stream movies and videos on internet.
Youtube –
Youtube website has millions of videos on daily upload. Youtube supports for android as well as iOS. In android tv boxes this comes pre installed. If not, then you can simply download this apps from google play store.
Now we will talk about one of the best android kodi tv boxes –
Which is the best android tv player to buy online ?? Every kodi app lover will have this question in mind from long time. Now lets talk about the best android tv player for Kodi .

Nvidia   Shield Tv 4K –

Nvidia Shield Tv 4K supports kodi app. Kodi apps comes preinstalled in Nvidia Shield Tv 4K. This tv has one of the faster processer, so you will get the best user experience with this tv player. You can also use other apps on this Nvidia Shield Tv 4K. Kodi is video and movie streaming app and which is specially designed for smart android tv box.
If you really want to pass the time or want to enjoy the movies, serials with your friends and family then you have to installed the kodi app to take full advantage.
There are many kodi alternatives are available online but kodi app provides you smooth user interface and you can also watch the movies, videos for free and in high definition quality. Android os one of the most popular operating system, day by day the new apps are coming in the market. But the kodi is top among all.
So, in this way we have seen that what is the kodi app and how we can use this app to watch movies, music and videos online on android smart tv box. And in this article I have also shared which android tv box is best.
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