Sunday, 1 October 2017

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A Few Essential Things to Keep in Mind as a Technology Start-up Entrepreneur

As more and more people take to launching their technology startups, competition is definitely on the rise. But that doesn’t mean one should make a half-hearted effort and give up early. If you have decided to become an entrepreneur with a technology start-up venture, you may as well prepare to face the high and low tides of business the world with determination. Here are a few essential things that you need to keep in mind as an aspiring technology start-up entrepreneur.
Statistics are not the final word
Browse through the internet and you will easily come across the statistic that says 90% of the start-ups fail. But do not believe these statistics. It doesn’t matter whether such statistics are right or wrong. What matters is how dedicated you are towards your venture and how you plan to take it forward. Even if the statistics are true, it simply means people were not dedicated enough or capable enough to ensure success for their ventures. So, steer clear of them and focus on your venture.
Do not ignore your interest-area
Make sure that your technology start-up is aligned with your area of interest. If you start something just for the heck of doing it and your passion lies in something else, your interest may fizzle out after some time or when you are faced with hurdles along the way.
It’s not necessary to know everything
You may not know everything about starting a technology business venture. For instance, you may not be aware of whether you need a trade license or a company registration to start a technology business. But it’s important to start anyway. You will get plenty of opportunities to learn and figure out things as you work your way towards starting the venture.
Don’t give up till you finish what you start
Sometimes it’s easy to lose focus on what you are working on and start working on another idea that looks more promising. This is something that you need to avoid doing. You may have several feasible ideas swarming in your head. But you need to stick to a single one and work on it till you make a success of it or you are sure it’s heading towards a complete failure.
Do not get into partnerships of convenience
When you partner with someone for your technology start-up, make sure that you do so with the right person. If you partner up with someone just because it seems to be convenient, you may end up facing a lot of problems in the future due to the difference in opinion with your partner.
Ignore the logos and business cards
As an entrepreneur dealing with a technology start-up venture, you focus must be on building your business. Instead of worrying about creating an impression with a great logo or an awesome business card or cool stationery, concentrate on your business and how you can make it grow.


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